WHAT IS THE WEIGHT OF THE NL GOLF BAG?  Approximately 6.5lbs

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CARRY MORE HYBRIDS?  The NL bag comes with a total of five shaft/ hybrid clips for the traditional 1,3, and 5 woods and two extra clips for additional hybrids.  If you carry more than two hybrids, please let us know and we will add them to your order.  If you need extra or replacements after you receive your order, you may order them online on our website under accessories.  They are FREE, just pay $6 postage.   

WHAT IF I HAVE AN OVERSIZE PUTTER GRIP?  The NL bag come with two - 2" diameter oversize putter tubes which can accommodate most large putter grips. 

WHAT IF I HAVE A BALL RETRIEVER , EXTRA CLUBS, ALIGNMENT RODS, OR UMBRELLA?  The NL bag has extra room in the woods compartment for additional clubs, ball retriever, alignment sticks.  The NL bag has a cord and umbrella loop to hold the umbrella.   

HOW DO I CUSTOM FIT THE IRON CLIPS?  Simply loosen the screw securing each iron clip, slide it horizontally and also rotate the clip to match the face angle of the corresponding iron. 

WHAT IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?  Please contact us at info@nevrlooz.com 

WHAT IF MY CLUBS ARE LONGER THAN 1/2" OVER STANDARD OR SINGLE LENGTH?  We can accommodate your set however we would have to modify our frame.  Please also choose FRAME MODIFICATION when ordering we will send our special measuring guide.  We've done a bunch of bags for single length clubs.   

Will OVERSIZE JUMBO GRIPS FIT?  Yes, we purposely design our handle guide to accommodate oversize and jumbo max grips.  

IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE YOU GUYS HAVEN'T THOUGHT OF?  No, we spend 24 hour a day fiercely designing our bags.